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Having travelled through India for over two years, Oskar and Jenny had the desire as soon as they arrived in Europe to create some recipes they developed using medicinal herbs that refreshed them during the hottest months.
Considering that everyone should have access to these delicious teas and fruits combined with delicacy in superb alchemy of flavours, Oskar and Jenny contacted us to develop a brand that would have to be cheerful, young, and dynamic. In contrast, the furrows and levels of tea plantations were somehow visible with the necessary relevance and, at the same time, had a taste of the sea since one of them was born about five minutes from a beach planted in the Atlantic Ocean and aimed at young adults who enjoy the adventure without fear of discovery.
Zook's task was to create a strategy that would place "Chá de Tília" at an appropriate level concerning other brands in the market. Bearing in mind these two brothers' contagious joy, knowledge, and well-defined strategy, we decided to embark on this creative and exciting journey that we embraced with total commitment and satisfaction.


Brand Platform

  • Mission
  • Market Position
  • Value proposition
  • Tag line
  • Brand Story


Logo Design
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Branded Environments
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Feel strong and healthier

We believe that we can achieve all our goals when we are healthy. Our trip through India is a testament to that. As travellers, we enjoy the knowledge of the masters, the humble, and the observation of nature. That's why we wanted to develop a natural and handcrafted product that makes you stronger and healthier.

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