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Through collaboration in refining a companies purpose, uncovering their voice and distinguishing the customer and their goals, regardless of status.

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predestinado FILM

Producer: Roberto d'Avila, Fabio Golombek and James Guyer
Director: Gustavo Fernandez
Screenwriter: Jaqueline Vargas
Director of Photography: Uli Burtin
Art Direction: Antonio de Freitas
Soundtrack: Gus Bernardo
Main Cast: Danton Mello, Juliana Paes, Marcos Caruso, Alexandre Borges, Marco
Ricca, Cássio Gabus Mendes, João Signorelli and James Faulkner
Production companies: Moonshot Pictures, FJ Productions and The Calling Production
Co-producers: Paramount Pictures and BH Striped Shirt
Distributor: Imagem Filmes
Press office and promotion: ZOOK design & Marketing - Magali Bischoff and Arlindo Codinha.

Predestinado on September 1, 2022.

Predestinado, in the first weekend, got second place in the National table.

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Predestinado poster landscape version
predestinado film 2022
predestinado film 2022
predestinado film 2022
predestinado film 2022
predestinado film 2022
predestinado film 2022


Considering a title like Kardec, whose audience has high expectations in knowing his biography and is of great interest to the public in general, ZOOK has provided and played a vital role in distributor support throughout the film’s release process.
Eloise Marx Winther - Local Production Sony Pictures - São Paulo - Brazil.

Kardec vertivcal poster
kardec writting image
kardec book  event


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