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Through collaboration in refining a companies purpose, uncovering their voice and distinguishing the customer and their goals, regardless of status.

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Our initial focus lies in a Strategic Foundation. This involves comprehensive research, a carefully crafted brand positioning strategy, and the establishment of a robust brand platform.

Under Core Brand Elements, we've defined a clear mission for Maple Electric Supply. Alongside this, we've carved out a distinct market position, laid down a clear value proposition, created a memorable tagline, and have woven an engaging brand narrative.

Moving to the Visual Brand Identity, we're introducing a refreshed logo design that aligns with the brand's vision. This is supported by a comprehensive visual design framework and detailed brand guidelines to ensure consistent representation across all touchpoints.

Lastly, in the Implementation & Action phase, we're creating immersive branded environments and targeted marketing communications to amplify the brand's presence.

Join us on this journey as we redefine and elevate Maple Electric Supply's brand presence.

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predestinado FILM

Producer: Roberto d'Avila, Fabio Golombek and James Guyer
Director: Gustavo Fernandez
Screenwriter: Jaqueline Vargas
Director of Photography: Uli Burtin
Art Direction: Antonio de Freitas
Soundtrack: Gus Bernardo
Main Cast: Danton Mello, Juliana Paes, Marcos Caruso, Alexandre Borges, Marco
Ricca, Cássio Gabus Mendes, João Signorelli and James Faulkner
Production companies: Moonshot Pictures, FJ Productions and The Calling Production
Co-producers: Paramount Pictures and BH Striped Shirt
Distributor: Imagem Filmes
Press office design and promotion: ZOOK design & marketing - Magali Bischoff and Arlindo Codinha.

Predestinado on September 1, 2022.

Predestinado, in the first weekend, got second place in the National table.

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Predestinado poster landscape version
predestinado film 2022
predestinado film 2022
predestinado film 2022
predestinado film 2022
predestinado film 2022
predestinado film 2022


Considering a title like Kardec, whose audience has high expectations in knowing his biography and is of great interest to the public in general, ZOOK has provided and played a vital role in distributor support throughout the film’s release process.
Eloise Marx Winther - Local Production Sony Pictures - São Paulo - Brazil.

Kardec Film, 4 million people went to the theatres on the first weekend.

Press office design and promotion: ZOOK design & marketing - Magali Bischoff and Arlindo Codinha.

Kardec vertivcal poster
kardec writting image
kardec book  event

Filho do homem "Musical"

This Musical was a delightful experience to photograph. The small cast, angelic voices, and storytelling of the Brazilian Sertão and its communities through music.

Plínio Oliveira, the creative director, led the actors uniquely and powerfully, making it a journey of deep learning for me.
His praise and feedback made me reflect on my artistic and creative growth.

After promoting a Film, "Kardec" (Photography and Design) for Sony Pictures, Plînio Oliveira asked me if I could photograph in São Paulo and, in some way, capture the expressions and feelings of the actors in a way that the viewer could feel it intensely.

Working with Arlindo from Zook is one of the most pleasant professional experiences. As if his incredible quality as a photographer, designer and visual artist were not enough, he gets involved in the project, becomes aware of the creative and emotional meaning of the show and transforms with his acute sensitivity and experience, he made the most straightforward idea into a consistent, attractive graphic product. Incredibly beautiful and well-finished, offering the audience, in a single image, an exact glimpse of an entire musical work.

It's an honour to be part of Zook's history. May we always have the pleasure of counting on your cultural solidity, artistic generosity and unsurpassed technical quality! Arlindo is great.
That sums it up.

Plinio Oliveira Singer, Composer and Cultural Producer

Promotion: Magali Bischoff - Zook Brazil
Photography and Design: Arlindo Codinha - Zook Canada

Plinio Oliveira photo 6 O Filho do Homem Musical
Plinio Oliveira photo 5 O Filho do Homem Musical
Plinio Oliveira photo 4 O Filho do Homem Musical
Plinio Oliveira photo 3 O Filho do Homem Musical
Plinio Oliveira photo 2 O Filho do Homem Musical
Plinio Oliveira photo 1 O Filho do Homem Musical


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